Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Consulting

At HC Smith Ltd, we recognize that every organization and individual arrives at the conversation regarding anti-racism and anti-oppression from a unique perspective and set of circumstances. For some, this has been lifelong, and evolving work. For others the realization of their perpetuation of detrimental practices of aggression and marginalization, both micro and macro, is a recent reckoning.  


We are here to help. The team at HC Smith Ltd has, combined, close to 100 years of experience engaging in this conversation and helping clients navigate the challenges posed by trying to improve their cultural competency and relationships with their current and future stakeholders. 


Between expertise in organizational management, leadership, hiring practices, and specialized retained executive search, our consultants construct tailor-made solutions, designed to help you thrive and look forward in hope and consideration.


Depending on our clients specific needs, our process can involve:

    • Assignment of research materials and areas of focus for self-guided study of anti-oppression

    • One on One consultation with individuals to identify “problem” areas within your practice

    • Critical analysis of organizational practices to isolate systemically oppressive practices

    • Organizational composition: How does your staff represent diverse viewpoints and do you actively incorporate diverse practices at the heart of your own working practice?

    • Assessment of audience and market interaction: how are you engaging the people you wish to engage?

    • Development of individual and institutional allyship practices, to help you move from statements of solidarity and purpose to action and actively anti-racist practice


When you are ready to make a commitment to addressing issues of oppression within your organization, we stand ready to collaborate.

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